George Stavro is the author of the book series "The Ride."

He was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, and from an early age he started painting and attended corresponding courses in freehand drawing. In his teens he moved to Larissa where he continued to occupy himself with the arts while at the same time he excelled in poetry and original writing competitions. He then proceeds to studies related to painting and directing in European universities

Upon his return to Greece, he works for well-known publishing houses in the capital (Athens) while simultaneously attending seminars and courses on writing. He writes his first two books for one of these publishers, the novels "The Ride" and "Thirty Trips" which, due to the economic crisis that inevitably hits the publishing world as well, are never officially published. Now,  a resident of Larissa, where he lives and works until today, he has officially published "The Ride" in 2021 and is getting ready to publish his second book, "George Stavros' Little Tragedies" which is expected to be released in the spring of 2023.

"That word 'author' makes me shudder...

...Someone asked me recently what writing means to me.

The answer is simple: catharsis.

A way to discard the poison that runs through my blood and feeds my heart.

...I think it's clear that my life's work is owed to women. And to my adventures that feature them. Don't misunderstand me... I'm not claiming to be a womanizer or something like that. I mostly think I've just been one of those people who always manage to find themselves in the worst place at the worst time...

...I'm never that much interested, but I'll never miss the chance to tell her how beautiful she is. Because it's true, all women are beautiful, in one way or another.

...You know, there's always something special about each of you... Sometimes it's a smile, a curve, a secret. You are undeniably the most amazing creatures, my life's work.

But there's always the next morning, the hangover and the realization that no one is as available as I thought the night before.

...And then I leave, and I'm haunted by yet another opportunity that may have been lost."

[the text above consists of excerpts from George Stavros' interview for Literary Corner Oct. 2021]